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"With any sponsorship comes a great responsibility, in my eyes it doesn't just stop at providing the bare essential. It is being passionate about what you have sponsored, by being actively involved, and by helping, supporting and offering encouragement throughout the good times and the bad. By sharing life experiences, and by giving hope and trying to fulfil the dreams of others"

"Providing Football Strips, Fleeces and Rain Jackets are just one of the ways in which my company has helped the Bohemians U14 Girls over the past four years, other ways have included invaluable on field experience within Europe, with the joint arranging and funding of an international competition I accompanied the team and management to Holland to watch them compete at the highest of levels. With my daughter previously involved as the team's goalkeeper I have lived every moment, retaining the happy memories of both her successes and that of the team"


"Also sponsoring the Tracksuits of the U9 Jaguars, it gives me the greatest of pleasures to be associated once again with Waveney Youth F.C, this of where I started my playing career as a goalkeeper with progression into youth team management thereafter"


"The true value of any sponsorship is its continuity"

Gary Keyzor (M.D of Electro-tech (ea) Ltd and Chairman of Lowestoft Town Football Club)


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