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Read on to discover how our full procurement solution will be of benefit to your business.

What is a full procurement solution?
A full procurement solution is a cost effective and simplistic way in which to purchase various commodities from just one specific supplier.

How would a full procurement solution save my company money?
The mass reduction in process costs alone is proven to save larger organisations in excess of tens of thousands of pounds per annum.

This not only applies to the larger 'Blue Chip' clients of industry, but, also to that of small and medium enterprises (SME's), hidden costs can escalate into thousands of pounds alike.

It has been identified that the actual cost to raise one single purchase order can and does in most cases exceed in excess of fifty pounds (£50.00) as a benchmark, from start to finish.

"It is not what you procure, but the way in which it is procured"

What are the key benefits of opting for a full procurement solution?

  • Eradication of raising duplicate enquiries.
  • Consolidation of purchases.
  • Streamlined expediting.
  • Scheduled deliveries.
  • Monthly invoices.
  • Structured payments.

How can Electro-tech assist my business for the future?
With twenty three supply divisions Electro-tech are able to offer a 'one stop shop' solution, click here to view our specialist divisions.

"We have the supply chain to service all of your needs"

If you would like to talk to us regarding a full procurement package solution, please contact us on telephone number 01493 668866, we will be pleased to assist your business needs.

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